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I love goals and helping people reach them.
I've always loved the before and after, bringing things to new greatness and for a long time I was considered a fixer as I grew through the ranks of American retail brands.
My secret sauce? 
I am simply a talent spotter, connecting potential to possibility in order to drive desired results.
Now I focus my energy on empowering executive leaders to elevate the global workplace and my fixing is focused on orphan furniture and bringing it new life. 

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The Goal Boldly podcast is for anyone who wants to reach their goals and build strength and confidence in their career and life

This workshop style podcast is based on the Personologie leadership development method, crafted over years of study, research and coaching real people to achieve real results in revenue and career growth. The core of the method is defining your drive, which is your motivation, so you can design your ride, on your terms. Motivation works far better than willpower and is the only way you can achieve sustainable success over time. Tapping your motivation enables you to Goal Boldly.

We include a lot of nerdy stuff, brain science and psychology in bite size doses so it can be simplified into every day practice so you can get going fast and goal boldly. We will also share interviews with bold leaders to hear their success stories and how they link to these concepts.

“Kim is authentic, understands people deeply and knows what makes them work."

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