We help leaders and organizations build productive and positive (desired) change while continuously elevating effectiveness and exploring innovation opportunities.



We help leaders and teams work better together; elevating their competitive advantage of diverse strengths and skills so they can maximize their economic and intellectual capital.

TEAM Leadership Programs



Personologie was Built to Improve
the Lives of Workers

(all of ours)

…the ability to quickly learn and adapt at scale is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. 


...that the world is rapidly changing, or that continuous improvement is the point of entry.

That's where we come in

Personologie is the go-to coaching and consulting firm for unlocking the potential within your organization. 

We work with leaders and organizations to build leadership excellence across teams and projects, to cultivate productive and positive relationships.

We understand the nuances of relationships, and how that plays out in organizations and teams...oh and how to leverage that to impact the business.

We specialize in strengths-based coaching


       Teams are a company's differentiator.

Excellence is achieved when we engage
in productive & positive relationships that
strengthen our talents and widen our perspectives 
enabling us to align and achieve
purpose driven objectives.

We leverage the unique talent in your organization
 and Clifton Strengths to help our clients maximize the potential of their human capital to deliver powerful results. 

 Let's do this! 

...using principles from systems thinking, action research methodology, and strengths-based development to create swift action on shifting  patterns allowing you to capitalize on successes and mitigate risk. 

WE TAKE a Systems Perspective...

Leadership development expert and the founder of Personologie LLC. Throughout my 27-year career in executive roles for major American brands like Banana Republic, Anthropologie, Cole Haan, LOFT, and Ann Taylor, I've led large and layered teams to bring the brand proposition to life and deliver revenue and profit growth. In 2018, I channeled my extensive experience into my own venture, Personologie. My passion lies with the worker who doesn't have a voice at the table but has a big impact on the business. My mission is to improve the lives of workers, in the workplace, by helping organizations harness the intellectual potential of their workforce to deliver engaging experiences and economic value.

Hi! I'm Kim Giddens


People Love Us!

Don't just take our word for it 

Jeremy P.

"Any organization wishing to retain talent and foster innovation should have at least one person (if not more!) on staff with Kim's experience and passion for developing people. "

Clint B.

“I was introduced to Kim thru a friend who spoke very highly of her. I was reluctant at first to connect as I didn’t think I had a lot to gain by professional coaching, but after meeting with Kim - wow, I could not have been more wrong."


Best coach Ever!

"Kim has a unique talent for drawing understanding from the Strengths framework while offering new perspectives. I was immediately impressed with her ability to actively listen and share tailored insights." 

Your personality is your value proposition.

Our approach focuses on what you do best so you can get results faster and easier, navigating weaknesses and developing powerful partnerships that bring out your best.
We believe that authentic leadership is the key to engaging diverse teams, driving transformative growth, and leading impactful change. More importantly, it is the key to personal fulfillment and happiness.


High functioning teams have the biggest competitive advantage ...and they don't have to be cloned to be a force.

The unlock to productive, profitable, and delightful workplaces (at least most of the time), is productive and positive relationship dynamics across work teams.

We work with teams of individuals to define, embrace and deploy their unique talents, expanding perspectives to  contribute collectively and meaningfully towards company objectives...and outpace the dark side. 👿

Team Dynamics 

You can’t afford to business as usual anymore.

The workplace continues to undergo a massive shift.  People are rethinking their careers and the people they work for...and paying more attention than ever to what they want from their jobs. 

Let's join forces to mobilize a culture that  supports your business strategy and ignites the passion and potential of your people.

Together, we'll help you build a workplace where everyone thrives! 

Are you up to the challenge of improving the world's workplace?

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