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There are 3 days left in 2020 and WOW what a year.  

I think it’s safe to say most people are looking forward to ending 2020 and bringing in 2021.   

There is something about a fresh start that energizes the mind and a new year is one of the big fresh starts with 365ish days gone by, or in the case of 2020, it was seemingly 78,244 days long, with most of those days in March!  

“2020 will go down in history as longest year ever ” -a lot of people 

I’ve been talking about New Years Resolutions but I prefer to call them 2021 goals. For SEO purposes, I am going to continue to use New Years Resolutions despite the fact I’ve just learned my blog is not even getting crawled by Google. Apparently this is a key factor in getting your blog seen.    

Funny thing is, I think that has given me a little more freedom in my writing. Just a little tho, because I am still a slow at the writing. But I am determined to show up every day and write, and then publish at least 3 times a week. #chunkit 


Because it’s one of my New Years Resolutions a.k.a 2021 goals. 


A seemingly easy feat if you count the number of blogs out there,  

According to a quick google search, there are more than 500 Million blogs out there! and a whopping 19million posts per day, so TYSM for reading!!  

TBH, this has been on my list for a while.  

And lIke a good goal setter, I know my “why”, and my “how much by when”.  

I actually started a blog once. I’m not telling you the name because it’s a really good one and I am determined to make something of it even if I can’t recall the original intent, which is likely the reason it didn’t take fire in my brain.  Sorry for the intermediary revelation, I guess the permission thing really is working for me 

Anyway, back to goals and writing a blog.  The key factor that has me showing up right now, differently than when I started Celebrity Crush (oops, now I have to do it, see what I did there? I tricked myself into #shareit.) 

…the key factor is that I set the intention to write every day and publish at least 3 times a week.   

Set a Goal  

how much and by when 

And now I am putting my money where my mouth is and taking Step 3 in my theory of Setting New Year’s Resolutions that you can achieve in 2021. 

1. Set a good goal 

2. Break it down in smaller chunks 

3. Share your Goal with others 

I am sharing. Conevniently, this is the main reason I am writing a blog because I want to share!   

There I said it.   

Now here is my share: 

I want to share my thoughts on leadership and corporate culture and how to empower more people out there to create great places to work.  

But I also want to share all the other things I am up to, which is a lot of stuff, way too much for me to narrow down to one category or even in this blog post.  

Ok, ok here’s a snippet… 

3. Share your Goal with others 


I want to share my journey on writing a romance novel, which has been most transformational. I also love to read romance novels, like it’s my job, which it is why I wanted to write one to begin with, so it could be my job, at least a part-time one so…maybe I’ll share some of my favorite romance titles as well. 

I also rescue orphaned furniture and try to breathe new potential in these items. By rescue I mean I pay for, at auction, which is another thing I love to do, compete with unknown people to see who loves these things more. it’s a win win for all. I want to share how these pieces can/are repurposed. It might be a good scrub down or full paint job, BUT there is always hardware involved because I firmly believe accessories complete the outfit. 

This brings me to my other passion, fashion, and style.  My blog would be remiss without a nod to the world I came up in.  I won’t even start on this, you’ll just have to wait and see. 

I also love music. I miss live music like a limb, regardless of whether it’s big performances or small venue in NYC. I love finding new music, and then predicting which songs will hit the charts because of course, I like rankings.  But more than the data I love discovering new artists, learning their stories, and sharing them. I want to be able to contribute to their career success in some small way. I consider it paying it forward, a thank you for pursuing something as awe-inspiring as music. As much as I love I music, it’s not in my wheelhouse beyond being a fan which only amplifies my gratitude for their gifts  

Whew! That was a mind full.   

What Goal would make 2021 a great year for you?  

And who will you share it with?1? 

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