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By empowering its people, a company’s reach is limitless.

We offer strategic company building consulting services that set up the talent architecture of any brand, whether at its founding stage, or at a major pivot point.

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it starts at the top.

but you don't have to do it alone

From talent assessments to culture architecture, I work with purpose-driven companies who want high-performance teams that deliver results aligned with its mission and values.

We work on developing team leaders to know how to recognize and nurture talent, and create programs that will have an ever-lasting impact on a company’s culture.

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your human capital

My results-driven coaching strategy will help you clearly define your company strengths and how that translates to talent so you can differentiate your employment brand and attract, develop and retain top talent.

I have hired, developed and promoted thousands of people at top-tier companies, and helped architect the success and professional growth of the company and it's most valuable asset. Let me help your team deliver results that leave a legacy.

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“ my purpose becomes
your purpose .”

"I have better self awareness, was able to improve my ability to give feedback.

Kim's coaching provided me:

1. Better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses
2. Better understanding of people who work alongside me
3. Ability to leverage 1 and 2 to piece the subtext in a conversation together
4. Not 100 percent here but being able to appropriately manage staff as a result
I am managing a critical CXO better. I wish same for other founders.

- a tech start-up founder

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Spike Your Strengths Coaching Program

If your company isn't ready to take the plunge on Talent Consulting for teams this coaching program is designed for leaders of all stripes, conducted in a group setting to provide the benefit of team development without  the company constraint.

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