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Work with us to help you understand your greatest talents so you can build and leverage them towards your heart's desire. 

Strengths Discovery Session 

Please Note:
This session is conducted by phone. 

This session with your coach will help you:

✔   Identify your talents
✔   Understand your potential and how to achieve it
✔   Gain clarity on your motivation  
✔    Navigate relationships 
✔   Grow your career

Benefits of Strengths Coaching 

Strengths coaching will shine a spotlight on your unique thoughts and talents so you can improve your performance and achieve your goals, no matter what your role is.  
In this hour long session, you will share your goals and any challenges you face.  You will get individualized guidance to help you better understand your motivation so you can be more intentional with your time and accelerate your progress.

Product Details 

You are extraordinary 

But it is not always obvious because you live with you.  A coach will guide you to make personal discoveries on the issues that frustrate or challenge you.  
And they will help you reach the goals that excite and energize you. 
With an individualized session, you get to choose the topic you want to talk about.
Here are some examples of common topics:
* Creating more satisfaction and fulfillment at work
* Balancing competing priorities of daily expectations with long term aspirations.
* Managing and leading conflict and tough conversations.
* Uncertainty of next steps for career success and 
* Navigating workplace politics 

Kim's Coaching Expertise 

Kim has over 20 years of experience studying motivation and how that translates into results, specifically revenue targets.  Kim has extensive experience helping individuals, managers, teams, leaders and executives from numerous industries worldwide. 
She is a Gallup certified strengths coach and has spent more than 15 years developing expertise in Clifton Strengths Finder tool.
Kim has worked with thousands of leaders in helping them develop and master their natural challenges to enhance individual, team and company performance. 

What's Included 

Strengths Coaching session includes a confidential 60-minute coaching session via phone.
You will be able to schedule a time convenient to you. 

Buy Now — $295

Buy Now — $295

Buy Now — $295


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Growth only happens in relationship to others, often times we are more transparent with someone who is objective. 

Why does coaching work?

Growth and transformation require challenges and hurdles to gain new skills and greater performance. Coaching provides guidance and support as the challenges surface, accelerating results beyond what one can do on their own.  

Coaching happens through dialogue, speaking and listening.  The partnership helps you establish your most important points of focus that will get you the best results.  

How does coaching work?

Coaching sessions are individualized to the topics you want to discuss.  The focus is on your potential by using your talents, uncovering what is in your way so you can target the areas you want to reach your goals. 

What is the objective of a coaching session?

A professional coach is a partner who can shine a spotlight on your unique thoughts and talents.  Coaches can help you make better decisions by helping you gain clarity. 

What can a coach do for me?


How long does it take to get results?