scale your impact

Today, more than ever, leaders are expected to be compassionate, inspiring, resilient, empowering and let's not forget speedy...

the list goes on.
The truth is the better you understand yourself, your motivation, your strengths, and weaknesses, the better you can align even the toughest critics.

Trust is the currency of leadership...
And that starts with YOU  lead yourself with purpose, powerfully and productively so you can lead your team to their greatest potential.

You can't do it on your own, and you do have to.
It can be lonely at the top...

Executive Coaching 

just do you, then do it better

one-on-one for...

  • CEO, founders
  • C-suite, CXO, 
  • High achieving professionals


Coaching is a highly personalized partnership focused on objectives and challenges that are blocking progress and potential.

It gives you an opportunity to step back, get clear on your intention and approach because your approach defines your results.

Trusted Connection

Relationships are at the core of our business.   We approach every client individually, appreciating your differences and honoring your process so you can bring your most authentic self and unlock your extraordinary. 

Sessions conducted virtually or in person.


Clifton strengths 

We leverage Gallup's data backed, insight packed Clifton Strengths assessment and reports to offer you common language to articulate your talents, behaviors and how they create your successes. 

Assessment cost included in your first coaching session.  


Our conversations are centered around you and your development journey. We stay in the moment, free of judgement, so you can connect your intention, purpose, and focus on meaningful growth.
Structured curriculum available for corporate programs.

so how does this work?

  • Gain powerful insights into your leadership style
  • Discover and transform self-limiting strategies and habits
  • Gain new thinking on challenges and discuss challenges.
  • Identify actions push through adversity bring out your best.  


Coaching provides...

Do you, then do it better.
Identify their strengths and amplify them to achieve then articulate how can contribute at a higher level.

Individual Coaching Packages 

leadership strengths 

one-on- one for 3 or 6 months

  • 1-hr sessions
  • packages for 10 or 20 sessions 
  • Investment starting at $6250

personologie process

PERSONOLOGIE workshops are customized to meet the goals of your team and facilitate solutions towards ongoing development.  Below are examples of workshops that we facilitate. Each workshop ranges from 2-4 hours. Please contact us for information about workshop agendas and pricing.

building Trusted Connections

Clifton strengths team workshops

tough Conversations

so how does this work?

We also offer team and group coaching

leadership structure

We see you working!
Busy isn't a competency rive higher productivity, and satisfaction in their day to day so they have more time to do what they love.

leadership strategy

Leadership is a path, and a position.
For growth minded leaders looking to define better strategies to drive engagement on their teams and deliver business performance.

talent assesssment and develop planning

Our approach focuses on what you do best so you can get results faster and easier, and we can promise there will be more energy to go along with that. 
Our 3 factor approach:




building leadership competencies

mission, vision, values creation and alignment

reach out!


Chances are you had a vision and enough confidence to know you could solve something everyone told you was impossible. The early days were filled with raw energy and excitement of the unknown. Starting something from scratch wasn't a reality until it was.

Was it really on your list to become a celebrity with the great idea you had to solve a world problem?

Founder Coaching

scale yourself

We specialize in founder led companies at key growth stages that demand an accelerated action plan. 

Resolving conflict is easily the toughest thing for most people.  But not for the reason you might think.  Conflict always involves more than 1 person, which means everyone has a distinct perspective on conflict.  Every conversation counts in business.

"Kim helped navigate the toughest situation I faced as leader."

Conflict resolution


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"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"

tripled his revenue