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I love helping people embrace what what is right about them, defining their differentiator so they can drive results that leave a legacy.  
My greatest strength is seeing the unique and special qualities that make people and businesses extraordinary.  My passion is connecting purpose to power with people who want to drive extraordinary results. 
My unique perspective is rooted in my talents and built by my experience as an executive leading teams for multi million dollar businesses and the deep study of behaviors and results.
This is the method I use to help others reach their goals.

If you're looking for possibility, you're in the right place. 

Personologie is the         and science of you. 
We believe everyone is extraordinary and has the potential to create magic in the world. 
We are endlessly curious about PEOPLE and celebrate differences that set us apart.
We seek the PURPOSE that aligns us because we know that we are better together. 


My story really began the moment someone pointed out my talent

My career began as a 17-year-old high school senior working as a "go back girl" for the designer sportwear department at Lord & Taylor over Holiday.
I wasn’t a great student, and to say I struggled in school is an understatement - and this job not only changed my perspective but lifted my confidence when a young manager spotted my talents and continually gave me more opportunities to succeed.  

i had no idea at the time... 

that my struggles came from undiagnosed ADHD, something I learned only a few years ago and has given me an even deeper appreciation for leadership and the impact it makes on people's lives. 
As a student I was labeled "smart but lazy" so having the opportunity to be successful in a different environment shifted my confidence, giving me courage to pursue a college degree and propelled my success as a retail executive.  

That was the foundation that helped me develop my own story...

Over the next 20 years, I worked for other best-in-class brands like Anthropologie, LOFT,  Ann Taylor and Cole Haan, helping to manage those businesses through massive growth, reorganizations, brand reinvention and pivots. I’ve directly managed hundreds of people, and promoted thousands. Building these world-class teams, I was in a unique position to help people discover what they do best, and build that into strengths they can use to not only reach their company goals, but to continue their own personal growth.

And now i'm going to help you own yours.

I launched Personologie because I want to help leaders gain more fulfillment in their work, and because I believe that people are healthier and companies perform better if their people pursue their passions.

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Today, I coach a wide variety of leaders globally, across industry.  After leaving retail I intentionally diversified my experience in an effort to further understand leadership in many shapes and sizes

I help them hire, develop and build high performance teams that elevate their culture, and  drive business objectives. We identify the nuances of their Product, Process, People and Presentation, purposeful and organic, that contribute to the successes, as well as obstacles, so they can scale to meet the growth and results they desire.

I curate mastermind groups who want to scale their best strengths and breakthrough challenges to meet their dreams of financial freedom and flexibility  without having to be tied to company.  

My coaching and consulting work is rooted in relationships and goals - this is where I’m at my best, and where I help people get the best results. I love the challenge of working with people who are motivated to learn, and have ambition to get to the next step in their goals.

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