hey, I'm kim

I’m a global workplace advocate who has built a legacy of world class customer centric organizations by developing people, building teams and connecting the goals of many towards the strategic objectives of consumer brands at the key point of ascension for 20+ years.
My passion for connecting with people on their goals has helped me become an expert at identifying individual motivation and connecting that to results.    I practiced and developed my skills as an executive leader, becoming Gallup certified, while leading multi- million dollar businesses and locations across North America for best in class consumer brands.  I have hired, developed and led thousands of people to deliver top line revenue, optimize P&L while bringing the brand to life to the customer. 
My ability to translate company objectives into brand experiences is what drove my career progression over   to the front line employee, connecting them to the brand and motivating them to deliver inspired experiences to the customer while capturing keen insights that kept the company relevant and competitive. 

I founded Personologie to scale my mission of Powering Business by Empowering People, fueled by my passion for the front line employee and making a bigger impact in the global workplace, people's lives and their livelihood, one founder, one company at a time. 

Personologie is the            and science of YOU

The world deserves your potential,
Never give up on yourself.


If you're looking for possibility, you're in the right place. 

Personologie is the         and science of you. 
We believe everyone is extraordinary and creates unique magic in the world. 
We are endlessly curious about PEOPLE and celebrate differences that set us apart.
We seek the PURPOSE that aligns us.
We are obsessed with the POWER of POSITIVE PARTNERSHIPS.


I coach ambitious, purpose-driven executives and founders globally, and specialize my work in helping leaders develop a strategy to build their strengths, manage their weaknesses and navigate limitations in order to maximize the potential of their business.

I help them hire, develop and build high performance teams that elevate their culture, and  drive business objectives. I help them identify the nuances of their culture, purposeful and organic, that contribute to the successes, as well as obstacles, so they can scale to meet the growth and results they desire.

I curate mastermind groups who want to scale their best strengths and breakthrough challenges to meet their dreams of financial freedom and flexibility  without having to be tied to company.  

My coaching and consulting work is rooted in relationships and goals - this is where I’m at my best, and where I help people get the best results. I love the challenge of working with people who are motivated to learn, and have ambition to get to the next step in their goals.

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My story really began the moment someone pointed out my talent

My career began as a 17-year-old high school senior when Lord & Taylor came to my cafeteria for a mini job fair. I wasn’t a great student, and I struggled in school - but I got the job at L&T, working in the designer sportswear department with a young manager who spotted my talent, and gave me more responsibilities as the summer went on.

Working there was the first time that I really saw a ‘people first’ working environment

They had no idea at the time... 

it shaped my professional career for life.
And this is what compels me to pay it forward everyday and point out others talents and unique abilities. 

After college, I started working for a brand in early stage proof of new concept...

I was first time manager for Banana Republic, which meant i was on the retail floor and executed the  the vision that  transcended BR into a household name and GAP Inc. into the number one revenue position in retail industry.

Living that process was invaluable, as I went through countless iterations of training departments to learn about corporate infrastructure and management from the ground up.

That was the foundation that helped me develop my own story...

Over the next 20 years, I worked for other best-in-class brands like Anthropologie, LOFT,  Ann Taylor and Cole Haan, helping to manage those businesses through massive growth, reorganizations, brand reinvention and pivots. I’ve directly managed hundreds of people, and promoted thousands. Building these world-class teams, I was in a unique position to help people discover what they do best, and build that into strengths they can use to not only reach their company goals, but to continue their own personal growth.

And now i'm going to help you own yours.

I launched Personologie because I want to help leaders gain more fulfillment in their work, and because I believe that people are healthier and companies perform better if their people pursue their passions.

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Goals, connections,
hope, happy hour,
fewer emails, 
helping you find
your superpower

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hate, excuses


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